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So Vintage Patterns Has A New Look!

Posted by Administrator on 7/13/2013
Hello Everyone! We have been busy getting the new website completed, now I know why we never wanted to start this project! Hours and hours of labor but we think its worth it and hope you agree :)
 You'll be able to check on your orders, keep your wish list, place items in your cart for future purchases etc. Also the larger images should make a lot of you very happy! And the search! Oh My, for you that check our shop daily you can click 'newest' to see what was just listed, very powerful intelligent search engine. We hope you enjoy the new bells and whistles :) You will need to create your accounts again since those could not transfer over, otherwise everything is the same. Its an easy one page check out too.

 There may be the odd little glitch, we found the shipping is not calculating correctly, its the same for North Americans 5.00 for pattern with each additional pattern being 1.00 For our international customers it still the same shipping despite the huge postal increases, 7.50 for the first pattern with each additional being 2.50 Please don't worry if its not correct we will adjust it after you place your order. 
 Remember to use your coupon to save 15% its the same 'repeat'. Its always a sale at So Vintage! 
 Enjoy your week and let us know what you think of the new website, actually my husband Brad chose the look, and I hope you agree with me that he has great taste! 

 Watch for all the new additions, now that the transfer is complete we are listing many new patterns now that we are free, my office is stacked almost to the ceiling with boxes of patterns that have been photographed! Many exciting patterns and many exciting things to come in the very near future! 
 The next newsletter will contain more details of the exciting things to come! As always each and every one of you is very much appreciated!! Warm Regards, Lana http://www.sovintagepatterns.com
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Lillie Nelson Date 1/10/2014
Where do I find information on resizing a vintage pattern. I have been searching throughout So Vintage but can not find resizing information anywhere I may not be searching correctly. Would you please emaol me the link please. Thank You Lillie C Nelson
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