December 1940

Posted by So Vintage Patterns on 11/29/2017
Hi Everyone,  
While looking to try to organize my personal stash of pattern catalogs I came across a batch of early McCall Pattern magazines that I totally forgot about! Needless to say, I had to sit down for a couple of hours and pour over them -so much for organizing lol!

Here are a few images, some signed by the talented fashion artist Blanche Rothschild,  that I took and thought you may find as interesting as I did! I will try to share more over the coming months of other magazines etc, I have such a treasure trove of fashion related stuff that I personally collected for years.

 I included an image of a to die for Charles James gown featured in an ad, just gorgeous!  So here is December 1940 issue of the McCall Pattern Magazine, enjoy the beautiful images!
Fabulous 1940 ad featuring a striking Charles James evening dress

McCall 3999, McCall 4000 Evening Dress Patterns

McCall-3987, McCall 3990, McCall 3976 Dress Patterns

McCall 3989, McCall 3992, McCall 3988 Dress Patterns

McCall 4001,McCall 3977, McCall 3993 Dress Patterns

McCall 3970, McCall 3997 Evening Dress Patterns

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