Pattern Grading Instructions

Posted by Administrator on 4/24/2014
Here are our old Pattern Grading Instructions, please use them until we finish our new Pattern Grading Resizing tutorial. Thanks and Enjoy!



Deb Hensley
Date: 6/1/2014
This is great!!!
Candy Richard
Date: 6/9/2014
Thank you so much for this information.
G Jackson
Date: 6/29/2014
Please put this information in PDF format. There is nothing like it out there and probably never will be. This is the best. Thanks
Paula Mason
Date: 8/17/2014
G Jackson is right, please make a PDF of this! It's brilliant!
Mathew Chico
Date: 9/4/2014
I have a vintage suit pattern that is fine except the armhole is too small. I have graded in the past but this is the first time I've had this problem. Since the armhole is too small it makes the sleeve hole small as well. Thanks for your suggestions, if any. Mathew Chico.
Date: 11/16/2014
Fantastic information. Thank you
Date: 1/15/2015
Fantastic set of directions! Thank you for posting it!
Date: 6/30/2015
Although these are great instructions for altering a pattern for fitting issues, it's not really pattern grading, which is what I was hoping it would be. I have so many cool vintage patterns, but they need to be graded up several sizes before they will fit me. Can anyone recommend a pattern grading system to do this?
Date: 8/9/2015
These are fabulous directions for solving so many problems. Way more than I imagined. Thank you.
Susan Burland
Date: 8/10/2015
With all do respect, I believe the above is how to alter a pattern, found in many sewing books, especially old sewing books. Pattern grading is much more scientific and precise. It is also laborious as every corner has a small measurement increase. It can also tedious, as in patterns from the 30's. True pattern grading can be found by just googling grading garments/clothing etc. There is also a reprint of a grading book from Dover Books who also have reprints for subjects such as draping from the 1930's as well as other handwork...on that note, I do love your sight... I have had several patterns that you carry. And it is a super treat if the pattern comes the "label"!
Date: 8/17/2015
Thank you so much for these instructions, they will be helpful not just for vintage patterns but also for so many other little adjustments.
Beulah Davis
Date: 7/5/2016
How many extra inches should be allowed after I measure the pattern to fit the body measurements?
Rosemary Garnett
Date: 7/10/2016
Good suggestions above. However, as a former owner, operator of Rosemyrrh Couture, Fashion Design, even if you grade the pattern for other sizes, it still has to be altered to fit your body, if you have all of your measurements, and is a time consuming part of designing your own personal fashion. But, when you are finished you have a well-fitting design that moves beautifully with your body.
Helen Jean white
Date: 7/11/2016
What a wonderful information. Thank you.
Date: 5/24/2017
This is great, but I agree with some commenters above that altering and grading are two different things. I know what size I am in vintage patterns, and also that even when i find that size, i usually have to do an FBA, which is an alteration. If I don't find the right size, then I need to grade it first, before doing any alterations for my unique fit. I was hoping you would provide grading instructions (I came across some vintage instructions for this once, but alas don't recall where) with all the measurements for grading up each size and the increments required at each seam? This would make me much more willing to buy patterns that aren't exactly my size. Thanks!

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