Please Help Keep Harrison Safe

Posted by on 9/10/2021
Hello Everyone!

We hope everyone had a great summer and it is difficult to think we are into September!  Our forest fires have slowed down, thankfully.
We are having a special, it is called Harrison, our grandson's name. Our daughter Alexandra unfortunately has been battling her abuser and is attempting to get a protection order for herself and her son after he attempted several times to cause a miscarriage. Unfortunately Covid-19 had continuously pushed her trial back. There is much more to tell but it would take too much of your time.

After almost 2 years, and no contact, he decided he wants to have shared custody and take Harrison EVERY weekend (3 days and two nights) 7 hours away from Alex. Our Grandson has never met him. 
And to make matters worse he refuses to stay on medication for his personality disorder, or get help for his addiction issues. Because Alex has stayed strong he is having major anger issues. threatening her. If you have seen the movie 'Let Him Go' by Kevin Costner, it is a similar family that wants our little Harrison.

We just went through 2 days of the trial, with poor Alexandra on the stand for over 8 hours of cross-examination by his lawyer. The lawyer is absolutely the most aggressive and dirty lawyer, who tried to break Alex down. She didn't break, she kept strong even through tears she fought for her little son. Even the judge had to reprimand the lawyer 8 times for bullying her.
The trial was for 2 days however, nothing has been completed as this lawyer wasted time trying to break Alex. It is adjourned now until end of November. We received our bill for the 2 day trial, just under $16,000 so far it has been just over 22,000.

We have decided to have a sale to help pay for this bill before round 2 starts which will be most likely about the same amount. Our beautiful daughter has been single handedly raising our grandson, she is a librarian and with covid her hours were cut down. So any sale would be most appreciated from you, all proceeds will go towards this bill, preparing us for round 2.

Again many thanks, any sale will be very much appreciated or please feel free to share the Go Fund Me page which a few customers have suggested to do:

Our most sincere heart felt Thanks, Lana and Family